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So here it is. The first post on my brand new website! Capturing The Wild is still taking shape. It will never be completely finished as there is always something new to discover or a new place to explore. I am learning new things on every adventure I go. I get new ideas and new plans start to grow in my mind and I really hope that when you read my blog or wander around on this website that those ideas will also form in your head! Just know that there is a whole world to explore and that nature has a solution for many problems. It is a place to find yourself by loosing yourself.

At the moment I am planning my next trip to north Sweden where I will go snowshoe hiking for a few days in the arctic. We will go to Abisko which is at 68° north and about 240 kilometers above the polar circle. It is the final stop on the famous Kungsleden trail which runs over a distance of 440 kilometers throughout the magnificent landscape of north Sweden. The average temperature at the end of february will range from -8 during the day to as low as -22 at night. It takes a bit of preparation to leave on a trip like that because you don’t really want to freeze to death! In my next blog post I will go into detail about what gear I will take and how I plan a trip like this. I have been to the area before so I already know what to expect!

Another plan for this year is to disappear into Sarek National Park for a while. It is known as “The last European Wilderness” and is situated at the border between Sweden and Norway high up in the north. But more on that later!

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