The Skye Trail – Scotland


The Skye Trail on the Isle of Skye in Scotland had been on my list for a very long time. I had visited Scotland a few times already and set foot on Skye just briefly many years ago. Last year I finally took the leap and flew to Scotland with my father and brother to begin an epic adventure on one of the toughest hikes in Scotland. We had to fight hard to climb the cliffs but the rewarding views were absolutely worth it! This is the story of our adventure.

All about food

Tips and tricks

I still remember my first real multi-day trek. It was with my father on the beautiful Overland Track in Tasmania, Australia. We didn’t really prepare and looking back on it it could have been a lot more comfortable than it was. Especially concerning the food! We brought heavy cans and didn’t consider the weight and that we had to carry it around for a few days. There was also a lot of trash afterwards that also needed to be brought back. Since then I got a lot better in planning what food to take and how to pack it and deal with it on the trail. It is actually not all that difficult. I will only discuss vegetarian options because I don’t eat meat or fish. Here’s a few tips and tricks that can come in handy!