Exploring the valley of the Hoëgne

Hiking Report

The Hoëgne is one of the most spectacular rivers in Belgium. It’s source is near Signal de Botrange which is the highest point of the country reaching 692 meters above sea level. Eventually the Hoëgne will flow into the Vesdre near Pepinster. The most impressive section of this wild (to Belgian standards) is relatively unknown and a bit hidden in the forests near Solwaster and Jalhay. A great place for a day hike or a picnic with Le Cascade de Leopold or Leopold waterfall as one of the highlights.

How to reach the start of the hike

Follow highway E42 Verviers – Sankt Vith. Exit 9 Sart. Turn left and Follow Rue Roquez until you see the sign of Passerelle de Belle Heid and towards the Hoëgne. Here you will have to turn left until you reach a parking area. You can actually drive through the river to reach the parking.

Hike details
  • Distance: 7 km (14 – 15 km if you hike to The Statte and Solwaster)
  • Time:  3 hours ( 4-5 hours if you hike to The Statte and Solwaster)

You can download the GPX file for your GPS or GPS app here

From the car park you just follow the trail next to the river. Just wander around and you will pass many nice waterfalls. The trail is not really difficult and goes up a little bit but nothing extreme. But you will need descent hiking shoes because of tree roots and it can get quite muddy when it rains. The numerous wooden bridges that cross the river will give you many photo opportunities. There is a nice picnic area close to Cascade de Leopold where you can hang out.

After 4 km you will reach Passerelle du Centenaire. A lovely wooden bridge that crosses the river. From there you take a left and straight left again. Just follow the road and after a while you can descent back into the valley to the river. You can also keep going straight and cross to another small river called The Statte that flows into Solwaster. It’s a change of scenery and you will walk on the plateau on the main road and after you leave the forest of The Statte and Solwaster you will reach the car park by following the Hoëgne from the north. Just download the GPX to navigate that extra section of the hike.


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